Get users from all over the world

achieve a certain audience in any country and increase your digital ROI across plural verticals


Our advantages for advertisers

open the pluses of working with ChacoMedia

Global Allocation
Single network decision to service your ads via multiple channels and combine with your customers all over the world.
Personal Manager
Every advertiser has a dedicated Account Manager to assistance starting and increase your productivity and results.
Pay For Perfomance
Exclude risk of unwanted ad spend by paying for a CPA/CPL performance model or take privilege of CPM bidding.
Brand & Fraud Protection
Possessive traffic screening techniques dissect each user to guarantee maximum brand safety and highest traffic grade.
Transparent Reporting
Solid reporting dashboard to display your campaign metrics and conversion tracking for instant campaign optimization.
Wide Targeting Possibilities
By countries, device category & model, operating system, ad positions, dayparting, frequency capping and more.

Forward optimization and targeting system

smart algorithms for big quality conversions

The correct ad for the correct users means a great return on your investment. We have created intelligent platform to focus in on the perfect clients.

Either your campaign needs, ChacoMedia targeted advertising envelopment has simply the highest clarity and results. Our specialist team are committed to producing fully increased ads that gives the results you need. Our main targeting features include:

  • GEO:Country and City
  • Device:Desktop, Tablet, Phone
  • Connection type
  • Mobile carrier
  • Operating system:Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android
  • Day of week
  • Frequency capping

Pricing models and conversion tracking

wide selection of advertising models for performance and branding campaigns

CPA, CPL, CPI, CPS are our most popular productivity ads models. Completely insight that every customer comes to us to get apparent campaign result we regard these types of ad campaigns to be most appropriate.

Our tech command is proud to professional in conversion tracking controling. We give each advertiser with a real time reports to monitoring the campaign capacity and optimize it by filtering the sources.

CPM is a good match for associate sellers, advertising agencies and ad networks. You also will be able to set up any type of targeting and manage the performance of your campaign closing the destitute performing traffic sources. Our service is also open for trade by fixed CPM rates.